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For plan details, including benefits and rates, please refer to Plan Information section below.

All students taking credit hours who wish to enroll in the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance plan should contact the Business Office at 714-997-6617 or go to Bhathal Student Services Building.

Open Enrollment/Video Enrollees If you’re looking to change to the student plan from your family plan at Open Enrollment, please click on the link in the Enroll Online Now box. After you’ve filled out the Basic Information, select the plan for Video Enrollee for Health or Law students and College Student for Domestic students.

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If your plan includes access to a PPO network, you may search for providers by selecting the link below.

Healthcare provider or facility
Please use this link to search for participating providers or facilities.  

UHC Options PPO  

Mental Health provider or facility
Please use this link to search for a mental or behavioral health provider or facility.  

United Behavioral Health

Plan Information

Review your statement of benefits in the links below, before enrolling in the plan. Each plan’s statement of benefits can be found in the brochure within the Schedule of Benefits section. If an enrollment form is applicable, then rates will be included in a form below.

Women’s Preventive Care - Contraceptive Coverage

2014-1 Policy Web Brochure - updated 10/22/14
2014-1 Brochure - Spanish
2014-1 Brochure - Chinese
2014-1 Enrollment Form - Continuation
2014-1 Enrollment Form - Dependents
2014-1 Dependent Enrollment Form - Spanish
2014-1 Dependent Enrollment Form - Chinese
2014-1 Continuation Enrollment Form - Spanish
2014-1 Continuation Enrollment Form - Chinese
2014-1 Summary Brochure - Spanish
2014-1 Summary Brochure - Chinese
2014-1 Summary Brochure

If your plan includes prescription benefits, please use the Pharmacy Locator to find a participating retail pharmacy.

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