Provider Resources

Provider Referrals to UnitedHealthcare Networks

If you are interested in referring a provider to a UnitedHealthcare Network or are a provider interested in joining a UnitedHealthcare Network, please print and follow the Referral Procedures.

Please note: In Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Upper Michigan, and Western Wisconsin, UnitedHealth Networks leases an existing network of physicians, hospitals, and other health care professionals from a separate network company. The leased vendor is responsible for contracting with physicians, hospitals, and other health care professionals thus the nomination process is handled differently.

Participating UnitedHealthcare Network Providers: Update your demographic information

If you are a participating provider in a UnitedHealthcare Network and you would like to update your demographic information, you may select from three options:

1) Fax your demographic changes to 1-877-265-4877

2) Call your changes into 1-866-842-3278

3) Use the provider portal to submit your changes at

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care: Provider Claims Appeal

If you are participating provider in the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care network and would like to file a claims appeal, please open, complete, print and submit the Provider Appeal form. Guidance concerning the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Appeal Process is provided on page 2 of this form.