Selft Service Support

We know that the front line of insurance administration can be a scary place. Our Partner Center puts you in control with a powerful set of easily accessed web tools.

  • Manage your Online Waiver program.
  • Access your insured list and field student questions about claim status.
  • Submit and track your Student Health Center Ledger Bills.
  • Submit Student Health Center Referrals.
  • Create and send HTML emails to one or all of your students.

If you’ve been assigned a User ID and password, Login to Partner Center now or contact your UnitedHealthcare StudentResources Account Executive to learn more about our online tools for clients.

Find Your School’s Plan

Easily locate your school’s plan materials, including enrollment forms.


Partner Center

A slide show overview of Partner Center’s capabilities.

Student Insurance Information?

Access to health information is strictly controlled by HIPAA.