UnitedHealthcare Dental® Options PPO Plan

UnitedHealthcare Dental® is not available for individual purchase. If your school elected to offer UnitedHealthcare Dental® along with the student health insurance plan, you can find dental benefit and enrollment details by using Find My School’s Plan.

Comprehensive Care

The UnitedHealthcare Dental® Options PPO Plan provides you and your family with excellent dental insurance coverage through an extensive network of dentists.* To receive maximum benefits, simply select a dentist from our list of participating dentists. You have the flexibility to seek care from a non-network dentist but at a slightly higher out-of-pocket expense.

Quality and Convenience

The UnitedHealthcare Dental® Options PPO Plan includes a network of dentists and specialists conveniently located throughout your community. Dentists go through a credentialing process before they are allowed to join the UnitedHealthcare Dental network. This process involves verification of the dentist’s education, licensure and liability claims history. Network dentists are re-credentialed every two years.

Dental Plan Features

  • National network of dentists
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs and no claim forms to submit when you visit a network dentist
  • Freedom to visit non-network dentists
  • Visit any specialist you want without a referral

*In some areas, the UHC Dental Options PPO plan is not available. If your school has elected to offer UHC Dental in those areas, the plan offered is an indemnity plan.