Short Term MedicalSM Insurance

Short Term MedicalSM Insurance may be perfect to bridge the gap in coverage you experience if you are waiting for benefits at a new job to begin or if you are determining the next step after graduation.

Stay with the UnitedHealthcare Family

As part of the UnitedHealthcare family, Golden Rule Insurance Company underwrites UnitedHealthOneSM health plans.

With UnitedHealthOneSM health plans, you can choose from a range of deductibles, payment options, and length of coverage that best meets your needs. In addition, you have access to a wide choice of physicians and health care facilities. These health insurance plans come with the nationwide UnitedHealthcare network. This means you don’t have to switch doctors if your student health insurance was through UnitedHealthcare.

Because we know that life can change quickly, UnitedHealthOneSM plans give you the flexibility to drop your Short Term Medical coverage at any time without penalty or to apply for either 1-6 months of coverage or 1-11 months of coverage depending on which state you live in.

UnitedHealthOneSM health plans can help protect you and your family and your finances during times of transition.

You can apply for coverage for one month or more. If you need a permanent solution, UnitedHealthOneSM renewable health plans are also available. Whether you decide to start your own business after graduation or your new employer doesn’t offer health coverage, you have health insurance options.

More Info

Policy Form numbers C-006.4, MRG03927 (TX), GRI-H-5.7 (DE), 5.7-10 (GA), 5.7-15 (KS), 5.17-16 (KY), 5.7-39 (SC). 5.7-40R (SD), 5.7-49 (WY), GRI_H-5.8P-05, 5.8V-05 (C)), 5.8P-06 5.8V-06 (CT). PLEASE NOTE: Plan type and availability varies by state, please click on more info to learn more about plans available where you live.

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