United Healthcare StudentResources Partners

UnitedHealth International

To better serve international students, both inbound and outbound, we’ve partnered with UnitedHealth International. This group extends UnitedHealth Group’s wealth of experience, technology and data to selected markets in Europe, Latin America and Asia, providing a broad range of services to help both public and private sector clients improve the quality, affordability and accessibility of health care.

The Cross Border Services (CBS) area of UnitedHealth International (UHGI) is responsible for offering health care access or insurance solutions to those individuals and groups crossing the U.S. borders. CBS, as an integral component of UHGI, provides all aspects of product generation, delivery and facilitation in connection with inpatriate and expatriate activity. As such, their dedicated personnel are involved with product development, sales and marketing, business development, new client implementation, administration of claims, facilitation of non-U.S. insurance and administration services, health care provider relationships, customer service, call center, and all aspects of reporting and billing. Although part of the larger UnitedHealth Group, their dedication and focus is solely on international clients and their needs.

UnitedHealth International Mission

UnitedHealth International’s inpatriate mission is to become the leading network of choice for non-U.S. payers, whether they are insurers, multinational companies, non-governmental organizations or intergovernmental organizations. In doing so, UnitedHealth International intends to deliver the best value and return to clients and their members, with respect to the consumption of U.S. health care services.

The expatriate mission is to consistently and comprehensively offer solutions to U.S. payers in connection with their need for non-U.S. insurance and administration services. In doing so, UnitedHealth International is incorporating their capabilities and those of global leaders to seek the most efficient and qualitative solutions that meet our clients' valued needs.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care are pleased to have formed a partnership that combines both regional and national provider networks with StudentResources' capabilities as a leading administrator of student health plans.

By combining the administrative expertise of UnitedHealthcare StudentResources with the strong regional brand recognition and local presence of Harvard Pilgrim, the advantages of the Harvard Pilgrim Student Insurance Plan include:

  • Affordable and flexible benefit plans administered by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources, a company that can pay claims according to your unique benefit needs.
  • A comprehensive and competitive network of providers which includes the broad Harvard Pilgrim network in Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire and the national PPO networks of UnitedHealthcare.
  • Programs to reduce costs through an enhanced level of Nurseline and health center integration.
  • Streamlined administration through online tools.
  • Seamless transition support and implementation for you and your students.

The Harvard Pilgrim Student Health Insurance plan, underwritten by HPHC Insurance Company and administered by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources, is now available to universities and colleges in the New England area.

United Behavioral Health

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources recognizes the increased need for appropriate mental health treatment for college students. We’ve partnered with United Behavioral Health (UBH) to ensure that our United Healthcare Insurance Company insureds have access to UBH’s network of mental health care providers and facilities. UBH partners with more than 80,000 clinicians and more than 3,500 care facilities nationwide.

Innovative solutions. Unprecedented results.

Clinical excellence, innovation and a relentless commitment to the most scientifically advanced health care solutions are hallmarks that distinguish UBH as the national leader in behavioral health.

UBH has been guided by these principles for more than 27 years, and is recognized as a pioneer in the development of advancements that dramatically improve the clinical impact and delivery of behavioral health services. This legacy continues today with our “total health and productivity” approach to care.

"Total health and productivity" has redefined the role of behavioral health care today. It allows UBH to optimize the impact of their industry-leading behavioral programs by making them integrated components across the entire continuum of care regardless of which medical and pharmacy provider organizations our members with. The results of this coordination-of-care approach are profound:

  • Increased access to services without driving up cost.
  • Improved clinical and financial outcomes for co-morbid conditions.
  • Increased treatment compliance.
  • Reduction of unsafe and costly drug prescribing errors.
  • Reduction of disability claims.
  • Reduction of absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • Informed consumer choice.

UBH remains at the forefront of the behavioral health industry by continually innovating to help our members live productive and healthy lives. And UBH continues to invest in progressive ideas and creative clinical approaches that support the needs of clients.