2011 Student Insurance Satisfaction Survey

- 10/26/2011 UnitedHealthcare StudentResources has completed the compilation and analysis of its 2011 Student Satisfaction Survey for Massachusetts student insureds. Our goal for this survey is to understand how satisfied our Massachusetts student insureds are with the products and services provided by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources. We use the survey results to improve our communications and services to better serve them in the future.

Survey Population
The survey tool was available online from January 26, 2011 through February 2011. Survey participation requests were sent via email to 12,702 Massachusetts student insureds on January 26, 2011. In addition, emails were sent to participating Massachusetts school administrators with the request that they assist us in encouraging student participation in the survey. We sent reminder emails to students who had not completed the survey on February 2, 16 and 23.

Response Summary
We’re very pleased that we tripled our response rate to 6.3% this year (798 versus 158 last year). As a result, the direction provided by the responses is statistically significant and our key findings provide a strong opportunity to improve our communications and Customer Service interactions.

Key Findings

  • This year’s average satisfaction score of 6.1 was significantly improved over last year’s score of 5.2.
  • On a scale of 0 to 10 (“0” being the worst possible plan and “10” being the best possible plan) more than 89% rated the plan either “fair” or “good”, compared to 76% last year.
  • Students were reasonably satisfied with their health insurance plan, with only 16% rating the plan “poor”.
  • The satisfaction score for those insureds that sought emergent or urgent services improved this year.
  • Of those students who required non-urgent care, 69.9% reported timely access to that care, down slightly from last year’s survey.
  • About half the respondents have a personal physician and 75% of those physicians are in the UnitedHealthcare network.
  • The survey results illustrate an improvement in overall satisfaction for insureds whose personal physician was in the UnitedHealthcare network, with an average satisfaction score of 5.5, compared to last year’s 4.7.
  • Respondents were very satisfied with their personal doctors. The results indicate that 79.2% of the time their doctor explained, listened, showed respect and spend adequate time with them.
  • Of those respondents who received any kind of care, treatment or tests through their student insurance plan, 67.6% reported being able to “always” or “usually” get that care from their student insurance plan, and improvement over last year’s 49.2%.
  • Slightly less than half the respondents accessed their student insurance plan’s Customer Service Representatives. Of these, 53.6% reported that it was “always” or “usually always” to get the information and assistance they were seeking. This is a significant improvement over last year’s 32.6%.
  • Last year, 50% of our insureds indicated that our forms were difficult to complete. This year, 66% of the respondents indicated that our forms were “always” or “usually always” easy to complete.

Our insureds were significantly more satisfied with their student insurance plan this year than they were last year in several key areas. We are encouraged that our efforts are making a difference to those we serve. We will continue our focus on improving access to care, our Customer Service and Claims interactions and the simplicity of our forms.