2010 Student Insurance Satisfaction Survey

- 10/19/2010 UnitedHealthcare StudentResources has completed the compilation and analysis of its 2010 Student Satisfaction Survey for Massachusetts student insureds.

Survey Population:

The survey tool was available online from January 28, 2010 through February 2010. Survey participation requests were sent via email to 8,715 Massachusetts student insureds on January 28, 2010. In addition, emails were sent to 37 Massachusetts school administrators with the request that they assist us in encouraging student participation in the survey. A reminder email was sent to the targeted students on February 18, 2010.

Response Summary:

Responses were received from 158 students, representing a 1.8% response rate. This low response rate renders our results questionable, even though the key findings may be directionally correct.

Although our response rate was lower than expected, we will use this input to inform our quality improvement initiatives. The key findings indicate an opportunity to improve plan communications and Customer Service interactions.

Key Findings:

  • Students were reasonably satisfied with their health insurance plan, with only 28% rating the plan “poor”.
  • On a scale of 0 to 10 (“0” being the worst possible plan and “10” being the best possible plan) more than 72% rated the plan either “fair” or “good”.
  • Of those students who required urgent care, 55.5% rated their access to that care either “fair” or “good”.
  • Of those students who required non-urgent care, 72.5% reported timely access to that care.
  • About half the respondents have a personal doctor and 93.3% of those physicians are in a UnitedHealthcare provider network.
  • Respondents were very satisfied with their personal doctors. Most reported that their doctor explained, listened, showed respect and spend adequate time with them.
  • Of those respondents who received any kind of care, treatment or tests through their student insurance plan, 50% reported being able to “always” or “usually” get that care from their student insurance plan.
  • Half the respondents used Customer Service, and 32.6 % indicated satisfaction with the service or information received.