UnitedHealthcare StudentResources and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

- 8/1/2007 UnitedHealthcare StudentResources and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care are pleased to announce a partnership that combines both regional and national provider networks with StudentResources' capabilities as a leading administrator of student health plans.

By combining the administrative expertise of UnitedHealthcare StudentResources with the strong regional brand recognition and local presence of Harvard Pilgrim, the advantages of the Harvard Pilgrim Student Insurance Plan include:

  • Affordable and flexible benefit plans administered by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources , a company that can pay claims according to your unique benefit needs

  • A comprehensive and competitive network of providers which includes the broad Harvard Pilgrim network in Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire and the national PPO networks of UnitedHealthcare

  • Programs to reduce costs through an enhanced level of Nurseline and health center integration

  • Streamlined administration through online tools, and

  • Seamless transition support and implementation for you and your students

    The Harvard Pilgrim Student Health Insurance plan, underwritten by HPHC Insurance Company and administered by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources, is now available to universities and colleges in the New England area.

    To learn more about this exciting partnership, or to request a quote for your school in New England, call Matt Pope at 800-237-0903.