2016 Student Insurance Experience Survey

- 11/11/2016

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources has completed the compilation and analysis of its 2016 Student Satisfaction Survey for Massachusetts student insureds. Our goal for this survey is to understand our Massachusetts student insured’s experience with the products and services provided by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources. We use the survey results to improve our communications and services to better serve them in the future.

Survey Population
The survey tool was available online from January 19, 2016 through February 19, 2016. Survey participation requests were sent via email to 12,509 Massachusetts student insureds on January 19, 2015. In addition, emails were sent to participating Massachusetts school administrators with the request that they assist us in encouraging student participation in the survey. We sent weekly reminder emails to students who had not responded during the survey period.

Response Summary
Our response rate was slightly lower this year at 2.49% with a total of 312 students responding. Last year’s response rate was 2.64%. None the less, the sample size yielded statistically significant results. The direction provided by our key findings provides a strong opportunity to improve the student insured’s experience with us.

Key Findings

  • On a scale of 0 to 10 (“0” being the worst possible plan and “10” being the best possible plan) 55.3% rated the plan good, higher than last year’s 52.6%.
  • The average satisfaction score for this year’s survey was of 6.3, again slightly higher than last year’s score of 6.2.
  • Respondents reported that cost sharing, such as deductibles and coinsurance, and the medical services covered were most important when rating their student insurance plan. This is consistent with last year’s results.
  • Students were reasonably satisfied with their health insurance plan, with only 11.9% rating the plan poor. This finding also shows improvement over last year’s results.
  • Of those insureds that sought emergent or urgent services, 81.3% reported usually getting appointments in 2 days or less and 57.1% reported urgent appointment on the same day for primary and specialist care. This is a significant increase from last year’s results.
  • Less than half the respondents had a personal physician and 69% of those physicians are in the UnitedHealthcare network. The majority (85.3%) had visited their personal physician at least once in the past year.
  • The survey results illustrate a high level of coordination of care between personal physicians and other health providers. This factor had a positive impact on overall satisfaction with the student insurance plan.
  • Of those respondents who received non-emergency care, 64.7% reported talking with their physician about preventive care, slightly less than last year.
  • Only 4.5% of respondents reported smoking, far less than the national average of 16.8%. Of the few respondents who reported smoking, most were never recommended cessation medications or other cessation strategies.
  • About half of the respondents reported using their student insurance plan this year. Of those who tried to get any kind of care, treatment or tests through their student insurance plan, 64.4% reported it was always or usually easy to get that care from their student insurance plan, as in prior years.
  • Among respondents looking for plan materials on how their insurance plan works, 39% always or usually found them in written materials or on internet. A majority (71.3%) sometimes or never found how much they would need to pay for a healthcare service or equipment. 45.7% reported always or usually finding prescription medicine cost information. These results reflect improvement in availability of plans materials when compared to prior years.
  • Of the 37% of respondents that used the student insurance plan’s Customer Service Representatives, 81.7% reported that they always or usually were treated with dignity and respect. However, 45.2% reported that they always or usually got the information and assistance they were seeking.

We continue to strive for excellence in all areas, from the ease and accessibility of care to the service provided by our Customer Service Representatives. The results clearly show that student insureds value the ability to easily access information on coverage and the cost of services. Our internet resources on www.uhcsr.com continue to be updated to make the web site more user friendly and easier to navigate. This public web site currently has links to your school’s plan information and coverage, provider networks and a pharmacy locator. There are resources on how insurance plans work, frequently asked questions, and a glossary of insurance terminology. Also, there are helpful How to Videos, such as “What are Deductibles, Coinsurance and Copays?”, to provide additional information on how your health plan works.

My Account is our secure portal that allows you to manage your health coverage online. You can register here for My Account. My Account includes Message Center for electronic correspondence and email notifications, claim and coverage letters, Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s) and ID cards. There have been several new and exciting features added to My Account that are designed to give you even more information at your fingertips. Recent enhancements include your benefits information, balances for limits and deductibles, and a link to download the Health4Me App that includes myHealthcare Cost Estimator. You may also access the most popular My Account features from your smartphone with our free UHCSR Mobile App, available for download from the App Store or Google Play.

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