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UnitedHealthcare StudentResources is dedicated to providing affordable and innovative health insurance plans for your students. We are committed to making the entire health care experience simpler, along with doing our part to reduce waste and its impact on the environment. These initiatives have increased our security of personal health information while reducing our environmental impact. This is your planet. Go Green!


  • Parents of College StudentsBefore you waive coverage at your student's school, learn more about student health insurance and why it may be a better option than traditional health plans. Learn more
  • Interested in becoming a client?Would you like a student health insurance quote for your school? Request information or upload your Request for Proposal (RFP) document. Learn more
  • StudentResources Adds ValueCustomized benefit plans. Large national network. Student-focused Customer Service and Claims. Take a moment to review what StudentResources can do for your students. Learn more
  • EPayment Signup for ProvidersDid you know that by enrolling in Emdeon ePayment you can switch from receiving paper based claim payments to electronic payments that are directly deposited into your bank account? Enrollment takes only three simple steps and is free! For more information please visit Emdeon.